B.C. mudslide caught on camera from lake

Rescue crews in Johnsons Landing, B.C. have found a second body after a deadly mudslide struck the area Thursday morning. Two other people are missing and believed trapped.

While we read about the search and rescue efforts, it isn't often we get to see the true force of a mudslide.

Global National's Francis Silvaggio and crew were on a boat near the Johnsons Landing slide when they just happened to have the camera rolling and captured the ground slide. As the mass of mud descends the mountainside it leaves nothing in its path, ripping out trees and rocks right from the ground and throwing them into the water.

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When it hits the water it creates waves as other people narrowly make it into their boat and get off the land before the mud hits the shore.

Silvaggio says in the video he and crew were on that shore just five minutes earlier and would have been wiped out by the slide.

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The remains of the second person found have not yet been confirmed, but the first person found is believed to be Valentine Webber. He and his two daughters, Rachel and Diana, are believed to be caught in the slide along with Petra Frehse. The debris piled around the Webber home is eight to 10 metres deep.

This isn't the only major mudslide in B.C. About 600 people remain trapped at an RV park near the Fairmont Hot Springs in the East Kootenay region of southeastern B.C. due to a slide on Sunday.

With files from CBC