Banff Springs Hotel chosen as most haunted destination in Canada

Jordan Chittley
Daily Brew

If you are looking for a good scare this Halloween, check out the Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta. Canadians have just chosen it as the spookiest destination in the country.

The poll conducted by asked about "the most dastardly destination" and found 29.6 per cent of people picked the Banff Springs, followed by the Old Montreal at 20.9 per cent and the Craigdarrach Castle in Victoria at 20.1 per cent.

Respondents were choosing from a list, but some decided to nominate additional destinations. People mentioned a Crowsnest Pass hotel in Alberta and my personal pick, the Keg Mansion in Toronto. When I was little, my family would go there for dinner once a year. My brother and I would always beg the waiter for a tour of the attic where we'd look for ghosts. We never saw one, but certainly felt we weren't alone in that room on the top floor.

One respondent nominated the entire city of Kingston, Ont., adding that it "is built on limestone and is a conductor for paranormal activity." Luckily, Kingston is located very close to Sydenham, where Dan Aykroyd a.k.a. Ghostbuster Dr. Ray Stantz currently lives. Stantz knows paranormal. His father even wrote a book called A History of Ghosts. Maybe, most of us aren't noticing the spirits because Stantz and his old crew are working to keep the paranormal activity at bay in this part of the country.

The survey also found that 57.3 per cent of respondents believe in ghosts. A total of 38.5 per cent of skeptics and believers even say they would try to engage a ghost in a conversation, if they saw it. Another 33.8 per cent would run and hide, while 27.4 per cent of people would try to get a picture.

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