Canada Post CEO Deepak Chopra: Seniors want to walk to get their mail

The true purpose of Canada Post's sweeping changes.which include ending door-to-door mail delivery, may finally be coming to light. It is not about saving money or finding efficiencies, or modernizing an archaic mail delivery system.

It is about making sure Canadian seniors get enough exercise.

Canada Post CEO Deepak Chopra appeared before an emergency meeting of Canada's transport committee on Wednesday to discuss changes to the way the agency will deliver mail. Most notably, door-to-door mail service will be phased out of urban markets. Mail will instead be delivered to large community mail drop-off locations, similar to the process currently used in rural Canada.

There was some immediate blow back, specifically from seniors and disability groups who have complained about the hindrance the changes will create.

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Turns out, those people who are concerned about the extra walk, specifically along slippery winter sidewalks, are the lazy ones. Because Canada Post realized how the change would affect Canadians with mobility issues, and they saw it as a positive.

"The seniors are telling me, 'I want to be healthy. I want to be active in my life,'" Chopra told the government committee. "The citizens and the seniors I spoke to, they want to be active. They want to be living fuller lives."

Chopra added that they need to be "mindful" of Canadians with disabilities – which presumably means that their mailboxes would be located at the top of a tall flight of stairs.

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A recent Angus Reid poll found that 58 per cent of Canadians oppose the end of door-to-door mail delivery. And it seems the "old people want to walk" argument hasn't swayed many online.

Take a gander at what Canadians are saying on Twitter:

Talk about out of touch! Canada Post CEO suggests seniors welcome chance to walk to pick up their mail. "Convenience" was so 20th Century.

— Dan Carbin (@DanCarbin) December 19, 2013

Due to Deepak Chopra losses at #Canada Post, all #Canadian astronauts will now have to walk to the International Space Station. #CdnPoli ;) — Graham Chivers (@deepgreendesign) December 19, 2013

Canada Post CEO says delivery is being cut because "seniors want the exercise." Kind of have to admire the sheer gall on display.

— Adam (@AlphaInvictus) December 19, 2013

Says a senior -> @strangerob: He's off his rocker: Canada Post's Deepak Chopra says seniors want exercise from picking up mail" — the man is happy (@saperehilaris) December 19, 2013

So ... as I understand it, Canada Post's 'Deepak Chopra' isn't as enlightened as the holistic healer of the same name.

— Jill (@Icametumbling) December 19, 2013

This man is 100% out of touch and he doesn't get the concept of snow — Alexander Moldovan (@Moldovan20) December 19, 2013

I'm not opposed to the changes Canada Post is making, but Chopra's comments were odd.

— Mark Buell-tide (@mebuell) December 19, 2013

The good news for seniors, however, is that this is only the first of several government changes to ensure they get their health.

Public transit stations will now be located no less than one kilometre from any residential area and all family doctor offices are now accessible only via rope ladder.

Dear seniors, you are welcome. Sincerely, Canada.

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