Canada’s Walk of Fame: Who hasn’t been honoured yet?

This morning, Canada's Walk of Fame announced its 2012 inductees: Randy Bachman, Sarah McLachlan, Phil Hartman, Sonia Rodriguez, Russ Jackson and Team Canada 1972.

The Walk of Fame — sidewalk tiles with the names of famous Canadians marked on them — is found along King Street and Simcoe Street in downtown Toronto. Each tile represents a person or group who "Canadians value for their artistry, intelligence, innovation or service to our country."

Here's the list of the 137 stars this year's inductees will be joining, including (almost) everyone from Mary Pickford to Alex Trebek to Mordecai Richler to Bobby Orr.

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Who hasn't been honoured? Well, a lot of famous Canucks.

Here's a non-comprehensive list of Canadians sure to get stars on the Walk of Fame — one day.

Film and Television

Atom Egoyan. In a nation with two directors — okay, we have more than just Cronenberg and Egoyan, but they're the go-to household names, it seems — it's odd that only one has a star on the sidewalk. Let's give Egoyan a star. Don McKellar should follow shortly thereafter.

Matthew Perry was the funniest "friend." And the Canadian one.

Ryan Reynolds has a star. Ryan Gosling doesn't. This should be remedied. (His Notebook costar, Rachel McAdams, should probably get one in a few years, too.)

Brendan Fraser has a star but Keanu Reeves doesn't. He needs cheering up, Canada. (Besides, we'll still be watching The Matrix in 20 years. We won't be watching The Mummy.) Another action-friendly Canadian who needs a ceremony in his honour: Nathan Fillion.

The Walk of Fame likes to pay tribute to icons we've lost. Jackie Burroughs — most know her as Road to Avonlea's Hetty King — would make a great candidate.

Other Canadian actors who thrived on this side of the border are Brent Butt, Paul Gross, and Stratford powerhouse Seana McKenna.

Fred Penner — "the greatest guitar player to ever crawl through a log and talk to a bird," according to my 26-year-old brother — should be honoured for his decades-long career teaching kids that the cat will, in fact, always come back. (He has already been named a Member of the Order of Canada.)

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Speed skater Cindy Klassen is the only Canadian to win five medals in one Olympic Games.

Sidney Crosby was practically crowned "King of Canada" in 2010, with his heart-stopping Olympic win and Stanley Cup success. Sure, he's young. That doesn't mean he's not deserving.

The goalies. Martin Brodeur has more NHL wins than any other goaltender, and Patrick Roy is the all-time NHL leader in goalie wins and games played.

Kurt Browning has been honoured. Maybe it's time to let Elvis Stojko and Brian Orser join him on the "walk."

Other possible nominees: Sprinter Donovan Bailey and Canada's only Masters winner, Mike Weir.


Canadians read. Not-yet-honoured deserving Canadian authors include Leonard Cohen, Alice Munro, Douglas Coupland, Stuart McLean and Michael Ondaatje.


Nickelback has a star on Canada's Walk of Fame. This means that Justin Bieber qualifies for one, too.

These Canadian musicians are deserving of a little recognition, too: The Arcade Fire, operatic soprano Measha Brueggergosman, Michael Buble, Terri Clark and Our Lady Peace.


The Greatest Canadian listed Don Cherry and David Suzuki as two of its top-ten Canadians, yet neither have a star on the Walk of Fame.

Other TV personalities who've defined much of the Canadian-media experience: Rick Mercer, Jeanne Beker, and Peter Mansbridge.

What about you? Whose name do you consider most sidewalk-worthy?