Which Canadian city should be preparing for an alien invasion?

Last week we reported UFO sightings across Canada are hitting nearly record-high levels, with almost 1000 sightings in 2011. While none of those were linked to alien activity, it appears that Canadians in some of our country's major urban hubs have a better chance for a close encounter than others.

A grand total of 986 UFO sightings were reported last year, lasting an average of eleven minutes each. As Nadine Bells reports, 11 per cent of them couldn't be explained, leaving some room for the imagination to run wild.

Here's a closer look at the three cities in Canada that had the highest rates of UFOs reported:

Toronto: 34

Torontonians are often accused of thinking their city is the centre of Canada — perhaps the aliens agree. You could chock up the high number of UFO sightings in Toronto to it being the most populous city in the country, but what's the fun in that?

Locals even claim to have seen UFOs as recently as last week, when Southern Ontario was hit by a major lightning storm. Here's a video posted by a Toronto resident of the storm, in which he claims something fly out of the clouds after he pans to the left (you might need to go fullscreen to see it):

Calgary: 26

If the aliens are going to hit anywhere, Alberta is probably the best prepared. The town of St. Paul is home to a UFO landing pad. It also hosts a hotline in case of UFO sightings: 1-888-SEE-UFOS. While St. Paul is still a six hour drive from Alberta's largest city, it's still reasonable to think that extraterrestrials might fly by Calgary on their way to the world's only UFO landing pad.

Bernie Axenchuck, who staffs the UFO sighting hotline, says that most of the calls she receives are actually from rural areas.

"It's usually some unidentified form of light that is moving in a weird or odd rotation. Most are not moving in a pattern that a plane would fly. It's either moving up or down or in a circular motion," Axenchuck told the Calgary Herald.

She adds that she likes to believe all her callers, even those that remain anonymous, are being honest in their sightings, as many do seem quite panicked when they report their findings to her.

Kelowna: 19

With an estimated population of 118.500, Kelowna, B.C., easily has the highest number of sightings per capita of the top three cities. Residents of the city have given highly detailed accounts of seeing UFOs over the course of 2011, like this sighting near Tachet, when a man says he saw something that "looked like a flying saucer and had five or six different coloured lights, like circus lights you see strung up at a circus," BC Local News reports.

Kelowna is no stranger to odd sightings, either, as it has its fair share of Sasquatch sightings and is near Okanagan Lake, reputed home of Ogopogo. Either residents of Kelowna have a taste for the supernatural, or perhaps those aliens are just looking for some company.