Canadian women stabbed to death in Atlantic City identified

The two Canadian women stabbed to death in Atlantic City have been identified as Po Lin Wan, 80, and Alice Mei See Leung, 47.

Police in the New Jersey town released the names of the mother and daughter who are both from Scarborough, Ontario.

The two women were attacked in the middle of the city's tourism district Monday during what police are calling a botched robbery in broad daylight.

Police patrolling the streets witnessed the attack, intervened and arrested Antoinette Pelzer, 44. Pelzer has been charged with murder in connection with the deaths. She appeared confused, shook her head and made odd faces while the judge read the description of the events in court.

Superior Court Judge Michael Donia had difficulty getting Pelzer to focus and respond to questions and Pelzer laughed out loud when the judge asked if she applied for a public defender.

Pelzer had been living in an Ohio shelter until December, when her mother brought her back to Philadelphia, said Pelzer's aunt Nadine King. King said her niece has long suffered from schizophrenia and has been homeless since January.

The bail has been set at $1.5 million (U.S.) in cash.

With files from The Canadian Press

(CP photo of fatal stabbing scene)

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