Deadly Mass. tornadoes flip homes, cars

People in the northeast are more used to blizzards than tornadoes. But two powerful twisters struck the Springfield, Mass. area Wednesday, killing at least four people, flipping cars, and collapsing buildings.

Massachusetts Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick activated the National Guard and declared a state of emergency. He instructed residents to shelter in basements and bathrooms, and noted that one man was killed when his car turned over in West Springfield.

"There's just total destruction," said one man who was driving through West Springfield.

In one arresting raw video, rooftop cameras captured a twister sucking water from the Connecticut River hundreds of feet into the air:

And in another dramatic sequence, aerial video captured one of the tornados completely flipping a house over:

And here's more raw footage showing drivers trapped on a bridge by a twister:

Massachusetts Democratic Sen. John Kerry called the tornadoes a "once-in-100-years" event. In 1953, a tornado known as the "Worcester Twister" hit Worcester, in central Massachusetts, killing 94 people and injuring more than 1,000.

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