What we know about Const. James Forcillo, the officer at centre of Sammy Yatim shooting investigation

The name of the Toronto police officer who is believed to have shot Toronto teen Sammy Yatim has been released to the public, days after the 18-year-old teen was shot while brandishing a knife on an empty streetcar.

The officer's name is Const. James Forcillo. Lawyer Peter Brauti has said little more on the subject than that, although he has told the Canadian Press he hasn't decided whether to recommend Forcillo submit himself to be interviewed by the Ontario Special Investigations Unit.

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Here is what we do know about Const. James Forcillo:

He is a six-year veteran of Toronto Police Service, working out of 14 Division, which operates out of the city's downtown west end.

The Toronto Star reports that Forcillo was paid $106,800 in 2012, the information released on the province's public salary disclosure list. He is believed to be married with young a new baby.

He was suspended with pay after the shooting of Yatim last weekend. Toronto Police Association President Mike McCormack called the suspension extraordinary. CTV Toronto's Tamara Cherry says she was told by police sources the suspension was intended to help avoid soiling an investigation into the shooting.

The Ontario SIU says they have identified one officer as the "subject" of their investigation, and 22 other officers as potential witnesses.

The National Post reports that the officer initially called for the use of a Taser, hoping the incident could be contained. An officer with a Taser deployed the device only after gunshots were fired.

Both Brauti and McCormack say the officer is "devastated" by the shooting and have urged the public to withhold judgment.

Forcillo participated in the Toronto Police Association's Movember challenge to raise money for prostate cancer awareness. It was his first year participating in Movember; he raised $10.

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New details about the night of the shooting

The Globe and Mail has secured an interview with Aaron Li-Hill, one of the last streetcar passengers to flee before Yatim was surrounded by police.

Li-Hill says he was riding the streetcar with his bike with his girlfriend and used the bike as a shield when another passenger pulled a knife.

Li-Hill told the Globe that the suspect held the knife straight out and told passengers not to get off the vehicle.

Yatim's family has released a statement calling his death a "living nightmare," but thanking Toronto Chief Bill Blair for his diligence and clarifying that they do not hold the entire police service responsible for the incident.

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