They love us: Chicago newspaper touts coolness of Canada

Well colour us honoured, Chicago is piling the love on Canada.

An editorial from the Chicago Tribune is heaping praise on its neighbours to the north (that's us!) for being "on a roll."

"Yes, Canada. Boring, eager-to-please Canada is taking Chicago by storm — in a nice way, of course," the editorial reads.

The newspaper doles out praise for all the usual things: the poutine, our polite society and Tim Hortons. Although, thankfully, it doesn't bash us over the head with double-double references.

But it is the important stuff that really gets them going. How our banks are stable while they flounder to regulate theirs, how our real estate market hasn't followed theirs into the toilet. How we have health care and, yes, our oil boom.

The article reads:

Petrochemicals have helped. Canada is experiencing a gold-rush-style energy boom. The oil sands of Alberta contain enough petroleum to rate serious comparisons with Saudi Arabia. Improved drilling technology has made it practical to tap that vast resource. Money is pouring in, despite lower oil prices.

It surely doesn't hurt that the Chicago Bears just poached their new head coach from the Canadian Football League, making for some very Canada-friendly football fans in the Windy City.

But we can't help but think Monday night's Canada-centric episode of How I Met Your Mother had something to do with it.

Whatever prompted the love-in, keep it up, Chicago. We'll continue exporting poutine as long as you send us a deep-dish pizza from time to time.

As for our oil. That is going to cost you.