Move here: Reston, Manitoba, selling plots of land for $10

A small community in southwestern Manitoba is inviting new residents to move in — by offering plots of land for just $10.

Reston, Manitoba, is the largest town in the Rural Municipality of Pipestone, with approximately 550 residents.

The scenic town, founded as a railway point for the Canadian Pacific Railway, is hoping to grow — capitalizing on the "mini oil boom" underway in the province — by inviting businesses and families to relocate there for a price that can't be beat.

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"We really took a challenge to try and repopulate and that's really where we are. We want to make the town grow," official Ross Tycoles told CTV News.

The Municipal Residential Lot Sales Policy is outlined here. Buyers must put a $1,000 down-payment on their lot, and must act on the offer within 12 months. If a buyer fails to act on the offer, he/she forfeits the deposit. Otherwise, the municipality will refund $990 when construction is completed and an occupancy permit is granted.

The municipality is also offering grants to encourage residential development.

More than half of the first 24 $10 lots have been sold so far. CTV News reports that school enrollment at Reston's elementary school is up for the first time in years.

The town's initiative is so successful — people have been offering to buy lots that are not yet for sale — that town officials are already looking at expanding the offer to a nearby town next spring.

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"Each community offers a safe, friendly, and easy-going charm with the quality of life so many people are looking for," the Rural Municipality of Pipestone website advertises, boasting about the rural landscapes, historic buildings, museums and heritage sites. With super-affordable lots — surrounding communities are selling equivalent lots for $50,000 — Reston is making an offer some can't refuse.

Would you consider relocating to a rural community if the price was right?