Rick Mercer’s online privacy rant takes aim at controversial bill

Daily Brew

The CBC's Rick Mercer, well known for his vocal stances on certain social and political issues, has spoken out against the controversial online surveillance bill.

The Conservative bill would permit Internet service providers to give sensitive information on customers, including IP addresses, to police without a warrant.

Here's what Rick had to say on the issue:

The outcry against the bill, defended by Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews, has been swift and forceful. The Canadian public has lashed out at Toews through Twitter, in the form of #TellVicEverything and @Vikileaks30, and through scathing commentary. Mercer is just another voice in a long line of Canadians outraged at the prospect of having to share pertinent information with police and government without some form of due course being in place.

Mercer sums up in his video what many other Canadians have expressed when defending the right to keep their personal information online private:

"That doesn't make us criminal. It makes us Canadian."