Rob Ford ousting causes swift and jubilant reaction on Twitter

Daily Brew

Within two hours of the announcement of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford being removed from office, people from Toronto and across Canada took to Twitter to share their thoughts on his departure. By noon, the term "Rob Ford" was one of the top trending terms worldwide.

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As it happened, the news broke almost simultaneously with the departure of Bank of Canada head Mark Carney departing for a job to lead Bank of England, and managed to overwhelm pretty much all other news at that time:

But once the news settled in, Ford's controversial reign as mayor of Canada's largest city lead to many taking jabs at the departing mayor:

Toronto councilors who had long been opponents of Ford took the opportunity to celebrate his departure:

Some Twitter users took the opportunity to level criticism at those who had put Ford in place as Toronto's mayor in the first place:

And others speculated at who could ultimately end up replacing Ford:

But it seems most were simply applauding the judge's decision to remove Ford from office in the conflict of interest case, and looked to the future of Toronto:

Ford's political future is still up in the air, as Justice Hackland didn't put the provision on the ruling that he couldn't run in politics for seven years, as some thought he might. On his way into his office this afternoon, Ford had this to say to reporters:

"Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. This is left wing politics. The left wing is trying to get me out."

Ford added that he does not plan to leave politics, and intends to run again to continue working for the people of Toronto.