Will Rob Ford, Sadro Lisi relationship be on display in documents to be released?

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, left, has described his friend and occasional driver Alessandro (Sandro) Lisi as a "good guy." Documents related to search warrants that led to Lisi's arrest are to be released Thursday.

Reporters in Toronto will be waiting intently on Thursday when a document detailing a drug investigation against Alesandro Lisi, the personal friend and occasional driver of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, could be released to the public.

The Canadian Press reports that Superior Court Justice Ian Nordheimer has decided to release some of the 500-page document stemming from a police investigation into Lisi, who faces drug trafficking charges. And while its contents remain relatively unknown, there is a perceived expectation that the documents will contain information about the relationship between Ford and Lisi.

"The Lisi investigation does involve the mayor, we all know that," lawyer Peter Jacobsen said, according to the Canadian Press. "We know that he is a friend of the mayor's so the whole issue I say is in the public interest."

Rob Ford did not have an opinion to share about the document dump, although Coun. Doug Ford did say he wasn’t concerned and called his brother the most honest politician in Canada. Pity Canada.

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Still, there is a sense of anticipation leading up to the release of the documents compiled during the investigation into Sandro Lisi, a personal friend and occasional driver of Ford’s who has been charged with drug trafficking. Ford has called Lisi, who has a criminal history of threatening and assaulting women, a “good guy.”

First of all, what is in the document? The Toronto Star describes the information in three separate sections: information that makes up the "essential narrative" of the investigation, portions that are non-essential to the investigation and identify innocent parties, and that which details confidential informants.

The "essential narrative" information will be made available, possibly as soon as Thursday. The non-essential information will remain sealed, although lawyers have argued for its inclusion. Information about informants has not been part of the discussion and will remain closed.

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So what could we learn from the released document? It is not clear, but several links have already been made between Ford and the investigation into his friend Sandro Lisi.

For one, reports suggest Lisi first came to the attention of police while searching for a lost cell phone, believed to have belonged to the mayor, and offering drugs in exchange for its return.

The Toronto Star also recently reported that investigators were surveilling a suspected drug dealer at the same time that he met with Gawker editor John Cook in an attempt to sell a Rob Ford crack video.

The Globe and Mail also reports that at least five former staffers in the mayor's office have been questioned by police, with some of those questions relating to Lisi. Ford appeared ashen faced on Thursday as he declined to speak with reporters about what might be in the document.

Still, the document could contain little new information. And while political insider Warren Kinsella has already nicknamed the event the Halloween Mayoralty Massacre, it is possible that Ford wakes up Friday afternoon exhibiting nary a scratch from this latest chapter.

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