Toronto Mayor Rob Ford accused of flipping the bird at mom, daughter

Showing Toronto Mayor Rob Ford how you feel about the job he is doing may not get you a favourable response.

Ottilie Mason was driving with her daughter when they pulled alongside Ford on Dundas Street Friday evening, reads a post on Facebook.

Ford was driving while talking on his cell phone, it states.

"My six-year-old daughter and I have a game of thumbs up and thumbs down when we like or dislike something," Mason writes. "We aptly give him a thumbs down and say, 'Get off your cell phone!! Rob Ford'."

Mason says Ford responded to the disapproval in a way most politicians wouldn't - by flipping them the bird.

Mason says she again shouted at him to get off his phone, but alleges Ford kept giving the pair the one-finger salute and started swearing.

"I can see him swearing words through the window," she writes. "I only wish I had taken a picture with my camera but as you know that would be illegal while driving a vehicle."

A Toronto Star article says, "The mayor's office would not comment, nor confirm whether the incident happened."

The post has since gone viral on Facebook and Twitter.

"I find this kind of behaviour really unbecoming of a mayor who not only is in charge of the largest metropolitan municipality in Canada, is supposed to follow the laws of that city," Mason writes on Facebook.

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