Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to appear weekly on Washington sports radio show

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford laughs with fans as he attends a Toronto Argonauts game.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford must have a lot of extra time on his hands now that he has been sidelined at city hall and stripped of several responsibilities. Because he has the time to pick up a part-time job.

As a sport radio commentator. In Washington, D.C.

CBS's Washington affiliate reports that Ford will join the Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan, which airs every Thursday morning at 8:40 a.m.

"The Junkies were elated to announce Wednesday they’d be joined by Mayor Ford, an avid sports fan, on a weekly basis to talk sports and give his NFL picks," the network reported.

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Sports Junkies co-host Eric Bickel appeared to learn of the hiring on Twitter, from Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale. His reaction should summarize the situation appropriately.

Ford is, of course, currently embroiled in a drug and confidence scandal stemming from his denial and later admission to smoking crack cocaine. He has also been linked to a number of underworld characters through a police investigation and has been stripped by several key powers by city council.

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The whole affair has garnered international attention, especially in the U.S., where he has become a nightly punchline on talk shows, a source of headlines for 24-hour news channels and even appeared as a bogeyman-type character in a political attack commercial.

The embattled mayor has some broadcast experience. He and his brother hosted a now-cancelled radio show, had a Sun News Network program axed after one episode and are now set to star in a YouTube web series.

Ford's first appearance on the Sports Junkies is said to be set for this Thursday, at nearly the exact same time that his executive committee is scheduled to meet.

So it's good to see that Ford is still working on behalf of Toronto taxpayers ... by entertaining Washington sports fans.

Then again, at least Ford will stay out of trouble in his new job. After all, what could Ford possibly say or do to shock a sports base that cheers for a controversially-named (and possibly racist) football team and a basketball team that was once called the "Bullets" that had a star player pull a gun on his teammate during a locker room argument over a gambling debt?

Come to think of it, how has this not happened sooner?

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