New video surfaces of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford slurring and swearing in public

Rob Ford rambling drunk in new video

If you're the type of person who wants to see more video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford apparently drunk, slurring and swearing in public, look no further.

A new video of an inebriated Ford has appeared on YouTube, purporting to show the mayor in a Rexdale Jamaican restaurant.

The one-minute video is hard to understand. It is shot by someone clearly trying to hide his or her cell phone. Ford's words are rarely comprehensible.

In one instance, the conversation seems to touch on a game of "counter surveillance" Ford claims he is playing with someone.

"He's hiding here, I'm hiding here," he says, gesticulating wildly.

According to the YouTube user who posted the video, it was reportedly recorded Monday night. That timeline has not been confirmed, however.For one, Ford appears to be somewhat heavier in the video than he is at the moment.

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Ford says he hasn't touched drugs or alcohol since November, when he embarked on an exercise regime. A recent profile in the Toronto Sun suggests Ford has lost 40 pounds during that time.

The Toronto Star's Daniel Dale said on Twitter that Coun. Doug Ford said it was definitely Ford in the video, but that it couldn't have been recorded on Monday.

Ford was photographed at the Muzik nightclub last week but claimed he didn't drink during his appearance.

On Monday, thousands of emails sent between members of Ford's staff during the early weeks of the crack video scandal were obtained by reporters. Those emails detail a frenetic time in the Mayor's Office.