Jimmy Kimmel gets a ladies’ room makeover in Emmys intro

Emmys host Jimmy Kimmel may have had a few jitters before taking the stage… but he made it out there thanks to some very famous girlfriends. In a hilarious taped bit that led off this year's Emmys, a slew of our favorite TV actresses teamed up to get Kimmel ready for his big night.

The sketch opens with nominees Zooey Deschanel and Christina Hendricks wearing very plush Emmys robes and primping in the ladies' room backstage, comparing their pouty faces. (We prefer Christina's, for the record.) But they're interrupted by some very high-pitched crying coming from one of the bathroom stalls. Joined by Mindy Kaling, Martha Plimpton, and Connie Britton, they knock on one of the stalls… only to find "Girls" star Lena Dunham nude and eating a birthday cake. (As far as awkward shots of a naked Lena Dunham go, this one doesn't even make the top ten… but we digress.)

Lena wasn't the one crying, though; it's coming from the next stall over. The door is locked, but a no-nonsense Kathy Bates makes short work of it by punching straight through the door and yanking it off its hinges. (The lesson, as always: You don't want to make Kathy Bates angry.) In the stall, the ladies find a sobbing Jimmy Kimmel huddled on the floor. He says he can't show his face on TV, and turns to reveal a nasty Botox mishap that has left his eyebrows halfway up his forehead.

He tells the girls he can't go on as host -- at which point the five reality hosts who hosted the 2008 Emmys pop up in the next stall and volunteer, "We'll do it!" (Nice inside joke there.) But the ladies are determined to get Jimmy out there on that stage, so they do what any good friend would do: They take turns beating him senseless until his face is bashed back into place. And it works! He emerges from the beating looking like his old self… at least until Julia Louis-Dreyfus sneaks in at the last minute ("Sorry I'm late") and adds one more punch for good measure.

Just one problem, though: Jimmy doesn't have any pants. Good thing Ellen DeGeneres shows up in time to offer hers. And they fit perfectly, too! All in all, a rousing start to this year's Emmys. Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to see if we can order one of those Emmy robes online.