Breathtaking video captures amazing views of Earth from space

Sunlight glints off the International Space Station with the blue limb of Earth providing a dramatic backdrop in this photo taken by an astronaut on the shuttle Endeavour just before it docked after midnight on Feb. 10, 2010 during the STS-130 (NASA)

The best perk of the job of astronaut on board the International Space Station has to be the incredible view they have out their 'office' windows, and a new video titled "Time-Lapse | Earth" gives us a glimpse into the amazing sights they see every day.

Photographer Bruce W. Berry, Jr., who runs the website, pieced the video together using images taken by the astronauts on the ISS and hosted on NASA's The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth.

The video starts with the passage from day to night as the station crosses the 'terminator', and it includes such highlights an amazing view of the 2009 eruption of the Sarychev Volcano as the ISS flew almost directly over it, the spectacle of lights that shines up from the surface of the planet every night, striking views of the Aurora Borealis, and an astronaut's-eye view of the stars and the Milky Way Galaxy as they spin by every 90 minutes.

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Of the whole video, I think I enjoyed seeing the stars and the Milky Way the best. Living near a big city, the light pollution is so bad that I can only see the brightest of stars on a clear night, so any time I can treat myself to that amazing sight is great.

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