Canadian government discontinues UFO investigations

Have you ever seen a UFO? If you have, did you report it to the government? Well, according to a new report from CBC News, if you did that now, they wouldn't be interested.

Although government agencies such as the RCMP, Transport Canada and the Department of National Defence used to make some effort to investigate UFO reports, documents obtained under the Access to Information Act show that these reports are now being handed off to civilian volunteer investigators, like writer and UFO researcher Chris Rutkowski.

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Since 1989, Rutkowski has been publishing the Canadian UFO Survey, and has been maintaining the Ufology Research blog since 2005. He uses these resources to report on the sightings he receives and his investigations.

According to the CBC News story, Rutkowski said there were 980 UFO sightings reported in 2011, and were likely going to be more once the numbers from 2012 were tallied.

“We do notice that for January, February, we are actually quite high in terms of numbers, so probably we’re going to be close to a record once again for 2012,” he said.

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Most UFO sightings can be easily explained as meteors, flares, and even floating lanterns, but there are still many that cannot. Rutkowski investigates all the reports he receives, but so much information comes his way that it's difficult to keep up. To date, he has only been able to look into those reports received up until February 2012.

Rutkowski and other Canadian 'ufologists' say that if the number of sightings continue to increase, the federal government will have to start paying attention again.

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