Artists try to save grocery store by buying out entire inventory

Nadine Bells
Good News

Five artists came to the aid of a struggling New York grocery store by putting their money where their art is and buying the entire inventory.

Armed with $10,000 (USD), paper-clip-wonder Kyle MacDonald, singer-songwriter Jody Gnant, Hal Kirkland, Gary Lachance and Matt Fidler stormed into Hercules Fancy Grocery and bought everything inside.

Six hours and 3000-plus items later, the store was empty.

The grocery has been a local institution for 40 years, selling exotic imported beers and entertaining customers with tales of famous shoppers. Its owner, Hercules Dimitratos, is one of  the West Village's favourite personalities.

Gnant, a long-time customer and friend, heard the store was at risk of shutting down and recruited her friends to help.

How did artists, typically of the "starving" variety, fund such a rescue? Cash advances and a plan. They're hoping to recoup costs by reselling the convenience-store stock, now transformed into "convenience art."