Baby wakes up dancing to ‘Gangnam Style’

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News

Baby Amaya was fast asleep in her car seat — until her favourite song came on.

The adorable baby girl immediately started dancing to 2012's mega-hit "Gangnam Style," cracking up her bid sister with her frantic moves.

Watch Amaya go crazy for Korean pop below:

No wonder the 2012 hit broke the 1-billion-views mark on YouTube. Even tiny tots can't get enough.

Amaya's father first posted the video on Facebook. When someone stole his video and posted it on YouTube, his little girl became a huge hit. So he reposted it himself:

"I posted it on Facebook first and someone snitched it from there and posted it on YouTube. So I decided to post it here so if anyone was going to get credit for it, it might as well be the one who made it! Either way I'm having fun watching all the attention its gotten...and for me the best part about it is that my daughters got to make a lot of people smile and laugh...HOW COOL IS THAT!" he wrote.

Can't get enough of happy kids grooving to Psy? Here's a 7-month-old baby dancing to the hit, and young twins showing off their in-sync moves here and here.

And if you need more proof that little kids love the tune, watch British parents feed their fussy baby with the help of the song.