Blind man sinks three-pointer, wins free McDonald’s for a year

At Saturday's College of the Ozarks basketball game, sports fan Michael Quin was selected from the stands to shoot a three-pointer.

If the 54-year-old Springfield, Missouri, man could make the shot, he'd be given a free McDonald's extra value meal every week for a year.

What made the challenge most difficult: Quin is blind.

He did it.

Quin was at the game with Champion Athletes of the Ozarks, a group that works with individuals with all sorts of disabilities and helps them participate in sports.

He went blind a few years ago after a series of falls that robbed him of both his sight and much of his mental capacity.

Still, the man knows how to nail a three-pointer.

Michael Quin won free McDonald's for a year after sinking a three-point shot. (AP Video screengrab)

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He hit a number of three-point shots when a reporter from KSPR visited him following his McDonald's win.

"I like basketball so much that a lot of times it's just being with the other athletes and thinking about how great it is to be able to play basketball," Quin told KSPR.

Quin admitted that he doesn't know what a year is, but will enjoy the free fast food.

He's currently learning to swim.