Canadian company’s video business cards are awesome, but not real

Jukebox's LCD video business cards were actually a prank for April Fool's Day. (Vimeo/Jukebox)

April Fool's may be over, but that doesn't mean we're not secretly wishing some of those joke products promised to us were real.

One Canadian company in particular designed something sure to make colleagues everywhere envious: LCD video business cards.

"We are proud to present the next frontier in the print industry," Jukebox boasted.

"We are known across the world for creating the most unique business cards, so this year we thought it would be good to come up with something completely unreal and promote LCD Video Business Cards," a Jukebox representative wrote in an email to The Lighter Side.

We aren't the only ones bummed that video business cards aren't yet a reality.

"Is this fake?" one customer wrote on's Facebook wall, even after the video business cards were revealed to be an April Fool's joke. "If it's not, where can I order some of these cards?"

According to Jukebox, "To our surprise most people thought it was real and our customer service department couldn't handle the call volume of people wanting to purchase this."

Too bad. Until someone can turn fantasy into reality, we'll just have to resign ourselves to one-upping the competition with our card stock choices.