Change of luck: Massachusetts man wins $30.5 million jackpot after girlfriend dumps him

Recently jilted by a girlfriend and working two jobs, a young Massachusetts man's luck changed with a lottery win.

Last week, Sandeep "Sunny" Singh, 22, was working at Best Buy and Citizens Bank to help his mom pay the bills. His girlfriend had broken up with him two weeks earlier.

This Wednesday, the Cape Cod man won the lottery: $30.5 million in the Mega Millions lottery.

He is splitting the $61 million jackpot with another winner of the multistate lotto game.

"My dad was around and then he passed away my freshman year of high school, so that's when I really started helping out," he said at Massachusetts Lottery headquarters on Wednesday. "My mom needs the help and my family could use it, so God definitely helped us out at the right time."

As for that girlfriend who left him?

"She broke up with me. But right now, I'm not really worried about it. I was heartbroken at first, but now I am getting over it," he said at lottery headquarters.

Singh took the lump sum of $23 million, which will total about $16 million after taxes.

"Helping my mom with her mortgage, helping family, and donate some money to the community," he said of his plans for the money. He also hopes to pursue a degree in business.

Singh's older sister purchased the winning ticket for him.

"I thanked her so much," he said, adding that he will share his winnings with his only sibling. "Words can't explain what she's done for our family."

Singh plans to quit his jobs in the near future.