Couple who met playing ‘Halo’ online five years ago finally meet in person — and are now engaged

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News Writer
Good News

Five years ago, two Halo 3 players struck up a long-distance friendship "through video games, MySpace to Facebook, then finally Skype."

Two years ago, the "virtual best friends" began a romantic relationship — without having met each other.

This March, they met for the first time in a Texas airport.

Watch the touching moment, caught on camera, below:

The couple are now engaged. The woman, who identifies herself by the username Cadynow, lives in Texas. Her fiance lives in Tennessee. (The proposal happened "in real life, of course," Cadynow responded to an inquiring commenter.)

Since their epic meeting, the couple has only met once. They'll reunite again in August.

No word on whether they'll have a Halo-themed wedding.

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