Ed Sheeran exchanges charity money with a young fan

Ed Sheeran poses for a photo with his most philanthropic fan, Piper. (Twitter/@MaulerMauler)

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Ed Sheeran, who got his big break from writing a song about a woman who he met while he was volunteering for a shelter, proves once again how great of a guy he is.

Before his sold out show at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, he partook in a question-and-answer media scrum.

Co-host of The New Hot 89.9’s The Morning Hot Tub, Mauler, told his audience that his daughter, Piper, is a huge Ed Sheeran fan. So instead of having him ask Ed a question, he handed the mic over to her, the Ottawa Citizen reports.

“What’s your favourite charity?” she asked the singer-songwriter.

After telling her about the East Anglia Children’s Hospice, where his mom works, Piper pulled out a fistful of money and said “here’s 25 pounds from my birthday money to donate to that charity.”

Piper’s grandparents gave her 50 dollars for her birthday, explained Mauler, and she went to the bank to convert it to pounds so that she could donate it to Sheeran’s charity of choice.

“That’s the coolest thing anyone’s ever done, thank you,” Sheeran said, sounding almost dumbfounded by the kind-hearted gesture.

After a few more media outlets asked the singer their questions, Piper was granted the opportunity to ask the last question, which was: “Can I have a picture?”

The two took a picture before Sheeran turned to her and said, “I’m going to trade you. What’s your favourite charity?”

“Salvation Army,” answered Piper.

Sheeran then reached into his pocket, took out two Canadian one-hundred dollar bills and handed them to Piper.

“You give that to Salvation Army, I’ll give this to the Hospice.”

“Okay!” she said excitedly. “Thank you!”

Piper told the morning radio show that she was really shocked by his gesture. So shocked, in fact, that she didn’t get to bed that night until 1 a.m.