Woman looks to buy Nutribullet for mom with cancer, got a kind surprise from stranger

Cara Grace Duggan could not believe the gesture from this kind-hearted stranger. (Photo: Facebook/Cara Grace Duggan)

A girl whose mother is fighting cancer got a huge surprise from a random stranger and their story has melted the hearts of many online.

Cara Grace Duggan from Belfast, Ireland, was hunting for a used Nutribullet for her mother, Kim, who was diagnosed with stage four oesophageal cancer last year.

Doctors told the family that the cancer was far too aggressive and all they could do was just “prolong her decline,” reported the Irish Mirror.

“Thankfully for us, none of us were willing to give up that easily,” Duggan told the news outlet. “Over the last few months mum has been receiving various alternative therapies and has adopted a very healthy vegan alkaline diet.”

The family then decided it needed a juicer for mom’s diet.

Earlier this week, Duggan found someone selling a second-hand Nutribullet on Gumtree but unfortunately, she needed the seller to mail the juicer from London, where he was living.

He responded by saying he would be happy to send the juicer to Ireland and that Duggan didn’t need to worry about the cost.

After a couple of more exchanges with the kind stranger, Duggan sent her address and asked the man for his PayPal account details.

What happened next was an amazingly kind gesture.

She received an unexpected message from the stranger saying that a brand new, fully paid for Nutribullet was waiting to be picked up at her local Argos store.

“I was shocked, and then thought maybe I’d read it wrong,” Duggan told BuzzFeed. “The cynic in me didn’t really believe the Nutribullet would be there until the woman actually handed it across the counter.”

She shared screenshots of her conversation with the “Kindest Man Ever!” on Facebook, where it has since been shared more than 2,000 times.

“It’s just incredible, his gesture was huge, but it’s had even greater impact than he could have imagined now it’s gone viral,” Duggan told BuzzFeed.