Lionel Stanhope, the Brockley Bubbleman, creates massive bubbles in the snow

On February 5th, South Londoner Lionel Stanhope, known by many as the "Brockley Bubbleman," showed off his giant-bubble-making skills in the snow at Hilly Fields.

Watch the beautiful bubbles below.

He uses a custom 5-ingredient bubble recipe, and "a very simple wand from bamboo canes and simple string."

"I am an artist by profession and find making the bubbles very relaxing/calming when I'm on my own and fun when there are children and adults around to watch and pop them!" Stanhope said last year.

He first took up bubbling after seeing a YouTube video of a Californian making giant bubbles on a beach. Creating massive bubbles quickly became a favourite project for Stanhope and his then-5-year-old daughter to tackle together.