North Carolina baby survives tornado

Nadine Bells
Good News

It could be a scene from a disaster movie: a twister snatches a three-month-old infant from his cousin's arms.

Fortunately, unlike many disaster movies, this story has a happy ending.

Jonathan Robinson was holding his baby cousin, Ayden, when a tornado tore apart their Dunn, North Carolina, mobile home. He dove toward a bedroom closet for safety.

Robinson held on tightly, but was no match for the strong winds.

"As soon as I jumped in the closet, it came down and that little baby flew out of my hand," he said. "I seen him leave my arms. That's how strong the wind was," Robinson told the Associated Press.

Once the tornado passed, Robinson dug himself out of the rubble and started to frantically search for the infant, fearing the worst.

A few minutes later, he heard a baby's cry.

Little Ayden was found on a pile of wood nearby, alive and miraculously unharmed.

Emergency room personnel treated Ayden for minor injuries and released him back into his overjoyed family's care.

"He's really blessed to be here right now," said Ciera Robinson, Ayden's mom. "He's good now. He ended up with a lump on his head. It wasn't nothing major."