Police officers deliver pizza to help delivery man injured in accident

Police deliver pizza for injured delivery man (Imgur)

When a Portland, Oregon, Pizza Hut delivery man got into an accident, responding police officers decided to deliver his pizzas for him.

A photo of the officers delivering pizzas has since gone viral.

"Community policing at its finest!" wrote the Reddit user who first shared the photo.

The manager of the Pizza Hut updated the story, reassuring people that the driver was fine.

The photo inspired other Redditors to share similar stories of officers going above and beyond the call of duty.

Reddit user erschand wrote about getting hit by a car as a child during a paper route. After being questioned by police, erschand, uninjured in the incident, decided to continue delivering papers.

They say I can go and when I grab my newspaper bags, with about 35 newspapers, ask, ‘Where are you going?’ ‘To finish my route.’” erschand wrote.

"Then a bunch of them grab the papers, my route list, and complete the route for me, while leaving me in a warm police car. So you have this neighbourhood with 4 or 5 cops running around, yelling house numbers, delivering papers. I can’t imagine what that looked and sounded like as an adult."

Reddit user telepathic_monkey (and former pizza delivery person) shared a story of helping out at the scene of an accident.

"Cops thanked me for my help, knowing I was going to be late for the delivery and not get a tip, and one of the officers offered to give me a police escort to my delivery!" the Redditor wrote.

"I followed behind a blaring cop car all the way to my delivery, and he okayed me to park in a no parking zone so I didn’t have to circle the parking lot."

Earlier this month, Texas firefighters arrived at the home of a man who suffered a heart attack while mowing the lawn. After following the ambulance to the hospital, the firefighters returned to the man’s home to finish the job for him.

All in the line of duty.