Shoeshiner donates $200,000 in tips to children’s hospital

Albert Lexie has been shining shoes at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh for 32 years. He's been donating his tips to the young patients for just as long.

So far, he's given the Children's Hospital Free Care Fund, a fund set up to help parents pay for their children's medical costs, more than $200,000.

"I think he does it because he loves the kids," Dr. Joseph Carcillo told WTAE. "He's donated over a third of his lifetime salary to the Children’s Hospital Free Care Fund."

"He's a philanthropist, is what he is," Carcillo added. "He's an entrepreneur."

Most customers tip Lexie $1 to $2 per $5 shoeshine, reported the Associated Press. At Christmas, one doctor tipped $50.

Lexie told WTAE that he's been shining shoes since about 1957.

When asked why he gives away his tips, his answer is simple:

"It's good to be a hero."