Snow day! Toronto Zoo panda does somersaults in the snow

Toronto Zoo panda enjoys a snow day. (Facebook)

At least someone is enjoying the Canadian winter.

Toronto Zoo panda Da Mao was captured on camera tumbling in the snow. The zoo posted the adorable video on Facebook yesterday, before bitter cold temperatures hit the city.

"Da Mao sure enjoys the snow, take a look at him playing amongst his outdoor exhibit and having a blast!"

All it takes it some "acute cuteness" to make the snow seem inviting. Snow forts, anyone?

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According to the zoo, the pandas have adjusted well to their first Canadian winter:

"Hope you are all staying warm during this chilly weather! This is Er Shun and Da Mao's first Canadian winter, and Da Mao especially is having fun in the snow! He has been playfully "tobagganing" down the steep hill in his exhibit and occasionally nibbling on icicles as a snack. Er Shun is less playful, however she still enjoys sitting outside munching bamboo while the snow falls."

P.S. Here's how you can hug a panda. (Hint: You'll have to go to China.)

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