Turkish couple spend their wedding day feeding Syrian refugees

(Twitter/@kym_en) (Twitter/@kym_en)

Rather than a traditional Turkish wedding, a couple celebrated their big day by eeding thousands of refugees.

A Turkish wedding generally lasts three days, from Tuesday to Thursday, with a huge banquet at the end. On the last day of their celebration, Ali Uzumcuoglu and his bride decided to do it a little differently.

According to the Onislam.net, the couple celebrated last Thursday by sharing their wedding meal with four thousand Syrian refugees at a camp near Kilis, a town by the Syrian border.

They collaborated with aid organization Kimse Yok Mu and used wedding funds donated by their families to feed people at the camp.

The couple and their wedding guests gathered to distribute the meals themselves from food trucks. The groom and bride even took their wedding pictures with the refugees, reported the i100.co.uk.

“That’s much more beautiful than what we thought,” the groom told Onislam.net.

Since the civil war began in 2011, millions of Syrians have fled and crossed over into Turkey for “temporary protection”, reported the UN Refugee Agency. The number of refugees in the country is expected to rise to nearly two million this year.