Underground band Too Many Zooz embraces aboveground success

Subway trio Too Many Zooz is seen here performing at Union Square in an image from their Facebook page.

Too Many Zooz is best known for its rousing performances in New York City's Union Square subway station.

RightThisMinute identifies the members of the self-described "brass house" band, which has only been playing together as Too Many Zooz for six months, as Matt Doe on the trumpet, Leo P on the saxophone and Dave "King of Sludge" Park on drums.

According to The Source, "They only need a trumpet, a drum, a bari sax, and a few seconds of your time to prove that they’re not your ordinary street act."

After a video of Too Many Zooz went viral in January — landing on the front page of Reddit certainly helped — the group decided to take their tunes out of the subway and make their music accessible to all, not just NYC commuters.

So they released an album. Check it out here.

And to thank fans for the recent outpouring of support, they released a music video, too:

The Too Many Zooz Facebook page keeps local music fans posted on their aboveground and underground gig schedules.

What's the best subway musical act you've ever heard?