UPS driver rescues emaciated Great Dane, dog now helps others

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News

UPS driver Gavin Crowsley spotted an emaciated dog on his Indiana route on Jan. 21.

The Great Dane named Phoenix was on a short chain and had no food, water or shelter.

"I could see every bone in his body. He was just lying on the ground," Crowsley said.

"I knew if that dog didn’t die from starvation, he was going to die from the weather. I didn’t want to have a confrontation, but I just couldn’t leave him there."

Crowsley called the Clay County Humane Society. Within the hour, Phoenix was rescued.

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In April, PetPalsTV updated concerned viewers on the dog's health:

Phoenix's previous owners have been charged with animal cruelty.

Last month, Crowsley was reunited with the dog he had saved.

UPS posted a photo of the pair on its Facebook page.

"The road to recovery hasn’t been easy for Phoenix. Though blind in one eye and completely deaf, he has overcome severe malnutrition, a battle with pneumonia and frostbitten ears. On the day of his rescue, he weighed less than 70 lbs. Today, Phoenix is closer to 160. (And going on a diet soon!) Not only does Phoenix now know how to sit, stay and shake, he’s also become quite the superstar," UPS posted on Facebook.

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Phoenix now has his own Facebook page, called Phoenix Fighters. The dog is adjusting to life with a loving family and uses his online fame to help raise money for other dogs in need.

He's even training to become a therapy dog.

"Phoenix made his first visit to the nursing home today! Residents were happy to see this gentle giant," the Clay County Humane Society posted on Facebook.