Winnipeg’s Sean Quigley has YouTube hit with holiday cover

Using familiar streets and locales — and plenty of snow — a Winnipeg teenager created an homage to his city in a music video that's taking YouTube by [winter] storm.

Sixteen-year-old Sean Quigley, a grade-11 student at Winnipeg's Oak Park High School, produced, directed and edited the video of his going-viral rock-heavy rendition of "Little Drummer Boy." Quigley arranged, composed, recorded, mixed and mastered the song, in addition to playing all the instruments on the track.

"My dad was a drummer, so he got me into that early," Quigley told the Winnipeg Sun, adding that he began learning to play at age of 4.

"Then I just sort of expanded my music in general, learning different instruments. A lot was self-taught. There were a few formal lessons, as well."

"Drummer Boy speaks to me so much," he told CBC News. "The whole song is a story. It's about this boy who gets word of Jesus being born and he goes to see him and he doesn't have anything to give him; he's like 'I don't have money, I don't have gifts to give you. But I can play my drum and that's more than enough.'"

Many of his YouTube fans are praising the young drummer boy for encouraging a little Canadian pride with his stunning cinematography.