Canadian ‘Twilight’ star Bronson Pelletier gets 2 years probation

Bronson Pelletier could use his shape shifting skills right about now.

The 26-year-old "Twilight" star has just been slapped with two years of probation after pleading guilty to public intoxication relating to an incident at LAX two months ago, WENN reports.

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Pelletier is an Alberta native who played shape-shifter Jared Cameron in "The Twilight Saga" starting with 2009's "New Moon." He was arrested in December after reportedly being removed from a plane at Los Angeles International Airport for unruly behaviour and urinating by a boarding gate.

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"The same guy that bought me drinks was the guy that got me taken off the plane," Pelletier told TMZ in December, adding, "The peeing did not happen."

But last month a video emerged of the embarrassing incident. Pelletier can be seen in a beige sweater and light jeans, weaving in front of airport security before proceeding to relieve himself in front of the guard and the entire terminal. The police then arrive, push him to the ground and arrest him as he is heard crying and pleading with them.

The Canadian actor was charged with being drunk in public and, according to TMZ, he must attend 52 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Since completing the "Twilight Saga" last year, Pelletier has appeared in the Canadian series "Arctic Air."