Carrie Fisher to attend Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

North Stars

Princess Leia is bringing her cinnamon buns (though perhaps not her metal bikini) to Canada this spring.

Carrie Fisher, who played Luke Skywalker's sister in the original "Star Wars" trilogy from 1977 to 1983, will be attending the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo in April. She will appear at the BMO Centre alongside a slew of other butt-kicking heroines, including "Terminator" star Linda Hamilton and "X-Files" brainiac Gillian Anderson.

But it's been three decades since the 56-year-old actress last starred as Princess Leia on the big screen. What has she been up to since then?

Three years after achieving word wide fame in "Return of the Jedi" in '83, Fisher published her first novel, "Postcards from the Edge." The semi-autobiographical novel revealed details about her drug addiction during the height of her fame and her relationship with her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds. It was adapted for the big screen in 1990 with Meryl Streep as the star and Shirley MacLaine as her mother.

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Though Fisher proceeded to take small roles in major films like "When Harry Met Sally," the actress largely turned her attention in the '90s to writing full time, publishing the novel "Surrender the Pink" in 1991, reportedly loosely based on her marriage to Paul Simon, and "Delusions of Grandma" two years later.

During this time, she was also reportedly one of the go-to script doctors in Hollywood, polishing every script from "The Wedding Singer" to "Sister Act." However, Fisher retired from this line of work in the 2000s.

In 2004, Fisher published the sequel to her first book, "The Best Awful There Is." Three years later she wrote and performed the play "Wishful Drinking" in Los Angeles, which she eventually turned into a memoir. The audio-book recording won her a Grammy nomination for Best Spoken World Album in 2009.

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Two years ago Fisher, who has had a long public battle with weight, became a spokesperson for diet giant Jenny Craig and appeared in an number of its ads. Also in 2011, she published her new memoir, "Shockaholic," about her experiences with electroconvulsive therapy.

So, Fisher may no longer be acting, but the force is definitely still with her. Have fun in Calgary, Carrie!