Drake’s ’416′ tattoo honours Toronto and Aaliyah

It appears that Drake loves his hometown just as much as he loves Aaliyah.

In the wake of his collaboration on a posthumous track by the late singer, Drake unveiled his new tattoo, which celebrates both Aaliyah and Toronto.

A black-and-white photo posted on Drake's official fan site Friday shows the Toronto-born rapper getting the numbers 416 (the Canadian city's area code) inked onto his right side. The 4 is only partly filled in so it also looks like a 1 -- referencing Aaliyah's birthday on January 16.

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"When I think of myself, I think of Toronto. My music would never sound the way it does if it weren't for Toronto," he told Now magazine in an interview published last week.

Drake showed off the tat this weekend in Toronto, where he was performing at the OVO Fest, an event he established two years ago. The crowd reportedly went wild Sunday night when he lifted his shirt to flash the three numbers.

This is the second tattoo the 25-year-old "Thank Me Later" singer has gotten as an homage to Aaliyah, who died 11 years ago in a plane crash. In December, Drake revealed a hand-sized portrait of the songstress on the left side of his back (thankfully, he decided not to get her tattooed on his forehead).

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"Not only was I one of your biggest fans, but I was truly in love with you," he wrote in open letter on the 10th anniversary of Aaliyah's death in August 2011. "I said to myself that even if we never met, I wanted a woman in my life just like you."

On Sunday, Drake posted "Enough Said," his first collaboration with Aaliyah, on his website. Produced by Noah "40" Shebib, the track features the Canadian musician rapping over unreleased vocals sung by the deceased singer.

The new song was a nice surprise for fans, considering Drizzy's performance this weekend will be his last of the summer. The rapper told Now that he's spending the rest of the season staying away from bar brawls and working on graduating from high school.

"That's my main focus after OVO Fest," the "Degrassi" alum said. "I only have one credit left, and I'm really excited about that."