Introducing the Ryan Gosling colouring book

What do you get the Ryan Gosling fan that already has the t-shirt, hat, mug, tote bag, note cards, coffee table book, and cross stitch? A colouring book, obviously!

It's true. U.K. craft company I LOVE MEL has created the Colour Me Good colouring book, featuring 15 pages of the Gos in various scenarios of studliness: Ryan and his dog George, Ryan wearing aviators, Ryan shirtless, Ryan in a suit, and images of Ryan from films like "Drive," "Lars and the Real Girl," and "The Ideas of March."

With a price tag of only £7.50 (or about $12 in Canadian dollars), "the hottest colouring in book of all time!" is apparently the biggest sensation to hit the pencil crayon industry in recent memory. We suggest stocking up on the colours "Dirty Blond" and "Ocean Blue" before they run out.

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With Colour Me Good, the memes surrounding Canada's most handsome export seem to have reached all-new levels of awesome. Gosling's film career is definitely impressive, proving he can handle political thrillers, horror, indie dramas, rom-coms, and "Funny Or Die" shorts all at the same time. He's a talented guy, with the looks to boot!

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But, really, all he needs to do is keep wearing tight-fitting V-necks and he'll keep making headlines around the world, thanks to the Internet and his clever, entrepreneurial fans.

It may be only a matter of time before Ryan Gosling becomes not only a brand, but an industry. Now that we think about it, "Hey Girl Enterprises" has a pretty good ring to it.