Who is Josh Beech? Meet Shenae Grimes’s fiancé

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Toronto-born actress Shenae Grimes is growing up! She went from "Degrassi" to "90210," moved from Canada to the United States, and switched from Disney movies to "Scream 4." Now, the 23-year-old actress is engaged to her boyfriend of nine months, Josh Beech.

"Thanks for all the congratulations everyone, I'm a very happy lady indeed and all the warm wishes are well appreciated!" Grimes announced on her website on Saturday, only a few days after she posted photos of their Christmas decorations and of the couple wearing matching sweaters. The two have reportedly been tied at the hip (well, as much as they can be with crazy work schedules) since Grimes and Beech confirmed their relationship in July, but now that things have turned superserious between the two young lovers, it's time we took a closer look at Grimes's betrothed.

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Beech, 26, is a British renaissance man from Biggin Hill, London, and his love for music, fashion, and tattoos led Italian GQ to dub him "London's new icon of the punk generation." According to his bio on Models.com, he was discovered by model scouts at a music festival in Shoreditch in 2007 and booked his first shoot with Burberry in 2008. Ever since, he's worked with such brands as Moschino, Tommy Hilfiger, Valentino, Vivienne Westwood, Topman, and Levi's.

For now, though, Beech is taking a break from the modeling life and has returned to his love of music. According to his bio, he began playing keyboards at 10, playing guitar at 13, and singing at 16 "because he 'didn't know anyone else who could sing and wanted to start a band.'" In fact, he recently told Gigwise that he was scouted while playing a gig with his punk band.

"I was actually a musician when I got scouted," he said. "I was playing in a punk band called Snish, and we had a gig in Shoreditch, that's how I got spotted."

Beech recently released the first single, "Played the Fool," off his upcoming album under the band name Beech.

He told Gigwise, "I've always been a musician, the whole time I was doing modelling I was writing music as well, so there's never really had to be any transition for me. The thing I hated most about modelling was feeling like I had to be someone I'm not. What I love most about making music is I feel entirely myself."

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Though Grimes and Beech want to keep details about their upcoming wedding under wraps, they've both been quite vocal on Twitter about their adoration for each other.

"Disney land with @shenaegrimes is always the f---ing best!" Beech tweeted, along with a photo of the beautifully lit castle on early Monday morning.

Grimes has previously dated Canadian actor Ethan Rapoport-Cole, but their relationship ended after Grimes moved to L.A. and hit it big with "90210." At the time of the split, Grimes's friends reportedly joked that she was "looking for an upgrade now that she's on the L.A. scene." It looks like she finally found the handsome model/musician/fashion designer of her dreams!