Justin Bieber says he’s part Indian, or ‘Inuit or something’

Justin Bieber's "Hot, Ready, Legal" cover on Rolling Stone magazine didn't get a great reaction, but if we thought that was a bad representation of Stratford, Ont.'s finest export, we shouldn't have read the interview inside.

In a sneak peek of the "Boyfriend" singer's cover story, one quote in particular grabbed our attention. And we're not talking about how Obama replied to Bieber's greeting "What up, my dude!" with "What up, Biebs!" or the 18-year-old's distinct preference for fondue. ("Who eats the cheese kind unless you're old and from Paris?")

No, what really made our brows furrow was how Bieber described his Canadian ancestry. The article quotes him as saying, "I'm actually part Indian. I think Inuit or something? I'm enough per cent that in Canada I can get free gas."

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We're not sure if we should be more alarmed by the fact that Bieber doesn't know his family heritage (it's unconfirmed, probably because he doesn't even know himself, but he's apparently a descendant of the Cree tribe), that he associates native Canadians with getting free gas, or that he still uses the terms "Indian."

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Also in the interview, Bieber says he prefers to be a guest on Jay Leno's show than David Letterman's because Leno brought his mom flowers and Letterman doesn't do that. It probably didn't help that the last time he spoke to Letterman, the TV host tried to scrub off Bieber's latest tattoo and insulted his intelligence when the singer mistakenly called the Sistine Chapel the "Sixteenth Chapel."

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After seeing that segment, we felt bad for the Bieber bullying. But after this latest gaffe, maybe Letterman had a point? Biebs, you might have a high school diploma now, but an education on the road can't teach you everything! Putting down the mic and picking up a history book wouldn't hurt, either.