Nelly Furtado announces new album, and we hope she returns to ‘Loose’

Nelly Furtado tweeted some exciting news this week, promising fans that her next album will be in stores this summer!

"It's official: Album out for summer. :) and I'll be out on the road promoting it for at least 2 years cuz I love it," the Canadian musician tweeted yesterday. While this follows Furtado's 2009 Spanish album, "Mi Plan," we're hoping that the singer returns to her sexy pop sound from her 2006 album "Loose." Why, you might ask?

It's fun! Songs like "Promiscuous" and "Maneater" were fun, original, and great to dance to -- which, until that point, was unusual for Furtado. Before "Loose," Furtado opted for more folk tunes than club hits. Her first album was 2000's "Whoa, Nelly!" featuring pretty songs such as "I'm Like a Bird" and "Turn Off the Light." Yes, those songs are pretty good, but they weren't exactly club-friendly fare.

She could reunite with her right-hand man, Timbaland. We loved that Furtado joined forces with hip-hop powerhouse Timbaland to produce "Loose." Known for his work with Missy Elliott, Jay-Z, and Aaliyah (among others), Timbaland gave Furtado a totally new sound. We'd love to see what Timbaland has up his sleeve for 2012!

For the love of Justin Timberlake. Isn't this reason enough? JT has previously worked with Timbaland on "Justified" and "FutureSex/LoveSounds." Because of Timbaland's relationship with both performers, the producer paired them up for his song "Give It to Me." Maybe JT would work with Furtado once again? At the very least, he might make a cameo in an upcoming music video, a la "Promiscuous."

Commercial success. We love a good Canadian success story, especially when it involves great music. After disappointing many fans and critics with her 2003 album "Folklore," Furtado re-emerged three years later with a completely new image and sound. A midriff-baring Furtado joined the world of pop music, creating hit after hit of sexy songs, and selling 10 million copies of "Loose."

It's been six years since "Loose," but it definitely left us wanting more! Our fingers are crossed she teams up with Timbaland again. (Since JT isn't making new songs, we're counting on you, Furtado, for some fresh Timbaland beats!)