Amy Poehler smokes and drinks with Jay Leno on the ‘Tonight Show’ (VIDEO)

Carly Maga
omg! TV

Though she'd never show it, life is probably a little bit stressful for Amy Poehler right now, what with her recently-announced split from husband Will Arnett. Hey, we could probably use a stiff martini and a cigarette, too.

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Fulfilling his hosting duties, Jay Leno gave Poehler just that when she appeared on "The Tonight Show" Wednesday night. The libations were provided when their chat turned to the Emmy Awards ceremony this weekend, where Poehler will find out if she wins for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for "Parks and Recreation."

"You know, what I wish is that you could drink [at the Emmys]. The Golden Globes, everyone's a little loose and back in the day, the Emmy speeches were kinda angry and weepy because everyone was a little drunk, and I wish everyone can bring that back," Poehler said, adding that she also thinks guests should be allowed to smoke on talk shows. "I don't smoke, but I do think it looks cool."

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Leno was happy to oblige the 41-year-old actress, but as it turns out, Poehler could only stomach one short puff of a cigarette and one small sip of her martini.

It looks like Poehler will have to find another stress reliever before the Emmys on Sunday, the third year in a row she's been nominated for her role as the municipal politics keener Leslie Knope.

Season 5 of "Parks and Recreation" premieres Thursday, Sept. 20 on Citytv and NBC.