Meet the cast of ‘Big Brother Canada’

The cast of "Big Brother Canada." (Slice)

The time has come, "Big Brother" fans! Hosted by Arisa Cox, Canada's own version is premiering on Slice on Feb. 27, and will air Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET, Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET (which will be the eviction episodes), and Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

So, with less than a week to go, hype for the series has officially begun -- especially since "Big Brother Canada" house guests have just been announced. Here's who we can expect to see over the next few months:

Jillian, Tom, and Peter. (Slice)

- Jillian MacLaughlin, 27: a teacher from New Glasgow, N.S. She describes herself as "hyper, easygoing, and driven," and she hates when people mock her for being healthy. Arm yourselves, snack-eaters.

- Thomas Plant, 24: a bartender and firefighter from Edmonton, Alta. He plans on winging his strategy, as well as hiding the fact that he's a firefighter. So apologies, Thomas, for writing about that now.

- Peter Brown, 26: a web content curator from Surrey, B.C. His perfect day would be going to a "multimillion dollar theme park because it is the ultimate manufactured experience," which we're sure he will change his mind about after engaging in this manufactured experience.

Talla, Suzette, and Danielle. (Slice)

- Talla Rejaei, 26: an independent living support worker and social work student from Edmonton, Alta. She intends on calling out housemates who cough without covering their mouths or burp without saying "excuse me," which will go over really well, we assume.

- Suzette Amaya, 36: a support worker, motivational speaker, and on-air radio producer from East Vancouver, B.C. She plans to win by ego-stroking, manipulating, riding coattails, and "floating" her way to the top, which makes us think she should have described herself more as "honest" and less as "thoughtful."

- Danielle Alexander, 20: a student and aspiring actress from Calgary, Alta. She sees "Big Brother Canada" as a chance to further her career, though she admits she doesn't know "how to act poor," which might eventually put a dent in that plan.

Aneal, Topaz, and Liza. (Slice)

- Aneal Joshua Ramkissoon, 21: a communications major from Richmond Hill, Ont. He's using his experience on the show to further his academic research, so he plans on hiding information about his scholarship or scholarly background -- as well as the fact that this is the first time he's ever been away from home. (Run, Aneal. Run, now.)

- Emerald "Topaz" Brady, 27: a part-time dental hygienist and full-time student from Scarborough, Ont. Her biggest pet peeve is messy people, so she and Tella should probably form an alliance now.

- Liza Stinton, 29: a tanning salon owner from Toronto, Ont. She's not lacking confidence ("[I'm] fabulous, confidant, and sexy -- I could go on and I will"), nor a strategy, which involves lying about being a small business owner.

AJ, Emmett, and Kat. (Slice)

- Anuj "AJ" Burman, 32: a director of business development from Scarborough, Ont. His perfect day would involve Las Vegas, so it's a good thing he's committed to a Canadian-filmed series in the middle of February.

- Emmett Blois, 25: a dairy farmer from Gore, Hants County, N.S. He was convinced by his older brother to try out for "Big Brother," and it's a good thing, since his his straight-and-narrow strategy might be our favourite. ("I'll definitely tell them that I'm a dairy farmer. Dairy farmers are the most trustworthy people.")

- Kat Lee, 27: a bartender from Toronto, Ont. Self-described as "nutty, silly, and honest," she followed the advice of "her gut" to try out for the series. But trust no one on "Big Brother Canada," so she should make sure her gut is not out to get her.

Andrew, Alec, and Gary. (Slice)

- Andrew Monaghan, 38: an insurance sales trainer from Halifax, N.S. His strategy is simple: he will not do nudity. Other than that, he has no strategy aside from lying about his age.

- Alec Beall, 26: a social psychological research/doctoral student from Vancouver, B.C. According to him, only "dumb" people are "bound by loyalty and honour," which is actually the most terrifying thing we've ever heard (and we read each and every one of the house guests' full bios).

- Gary Levy, 21: a bartender/artist/fashion stylist assistant from Toronto, Ont. "Funky, outgoing, fabulous" and social, Gary plans on being friendly, nice, and refusing to speak badly about people behind their backs. Whether he'll fare well in the house is a mystery, but that's probably because he sounds like the best roommate ever.

Who would you like to see "Big Brother Canada"? Tune in on Wednesday, Feb. 27 for the premiere on Slice, or tune in for three hours every night from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. ET for "Big Brother After Dark."