Meet the new ‘Real Housewives of Vancouver’ — but what happened to Reiko Mackenzie and Christina Kiesel?

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"The Real Housewives of Vancouver" got three new stars on Monday, leaving some of the show's fans wondering where the old ones went.

Reiko Mackenzie and Christina Kiesel were noticeably absent from the second season lineup, which was announced on Monday. In their place were three new faces: single mother of two Robin Reichman, Russian 26-year-old Ioulia Reynolds, and former alcoholic Amanda Hansen.

Back for another season are Jody Claman, Mary Zilba and Ronnie Negus. But hey, what happened to Reiko Mackenzie and Christina Kiesel?!

Following the announcement of the new cast, Mackenzie took to Twitter to reveal why she was no longer on the Canadian installment of the popular reality franchise.

"Apparently I didn't bring enuf drama," Mackenzie tweeted to inquiring fans, with a characteristic good natured "LOL" thrown in for good measure. No doubt she is finding comfort with her new significant other, Vancouver DJ Kasha Kennedy, whom Mackenzie reportedly started seeing after separating from husband Sun Mackenzie in October.

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As for Kiesel, rumours began circulating as early as last summer that she was leaving the show, partly thanks to the reality star herself.

"Real Housewives of Vancouver was just renewed for a second season and I’m still not sure if I’ll come back," she blogged on in May.

A month later, The RHOV Talk reported that Kiesel might be leaving to start a new travel series (she has worn her wanderlust on her sleeve from the beginning). Then the Province revealed Lark Productions, the team behind her Slice series, took issue with Kiesel breaching her contract by appearing on YouTube's "The Unofficial Real Housewives of Vancouver After Show." She was ultimately bleeped out of the episode.

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Last month, Ronnie Negus spoke to MSN about the rumoured departure of Mackenzie and Kiesel with surprising detachment.

“None of us knew them," she said.

"RHOV" is set to return to Slice on Feb. 5. Check out the Season 2 promo below: