Do immigrants make Canada a stronger nation?

Over 50 people took the Oath of Citizenship in Ottawa on Wednesday.

According to data released in Wednesday's National Household Survey, more Canadians than ever are from somewhere other than Canada.

The report, released by Statistics Canada and based on 2011 data, showed that fully 20.6 per cent of Canada's population, or 6.8 million people, are foreign-born residents. The report states that 2.1 million immigrants have arrived in Canada over the past decade.

That gives Canada the highest foreign-born population among all G8 nations. The majority of Canadian immigrants in 2010 were from the Philippines, India and China.

As a result, Canada has an increasingly more diverse population, particularly in urban centres like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. According to the study, Ontario received 43 per cent of the immigrants over the past five years. British Columbia received 16 per cent.

So here's our question: Do you believe Canada's growing diversity makes us stronger or weaker as a nation?

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