10 ways video games can be good for your health

While every gamer's mother has probably told him or her at least once to put down the controller and get some exercise, there are plenty of reasons that gamers can give in return for why it isn't so bad that they're engaging in their favourite hobby.

And this isn't just new motion games, either: sure, standing up and moving will always be better than sitting in one position for hours, but traditional games can provide a wealth of health benefits, too.

For a quick list of how playing video games is helping you, check out this short video (and the great music by Desert Planet doesn't hurt, either):

If those ten facts aren't enough for you, consider this: just last week, medical professionals, game designers and business executives gathered for the second annual Games for Health Conference in Europe. Games were proposed as possible solutions for everything from treating Alzheimer's patients to helping people regulate their emotions.

Next time Mom suggests you need to do something good for your body instead of playing video games, hand her a controller, instead.

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