3D Printers for Peace Contest aims to challenge negative perceptions of the technology

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By now, everyone has heard that a man in the U.S. has developed a gun that can be made on a 3D printer, and can fire bullets more than once. To prevent 3D printers from getting a bad rap, Michigan Tech wants to highlight the positive impact 3D printing can have on technology with a new contest.

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From now until September 1, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering is looking for submissions of 3D printer designs that will help to make the world a more peaceful place. Michigan Tech has deliberately left the parameters of the competition open-ended, but suggest that if you are stumped for ideas, “ask yourself what Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, or Gandhi would make if they had access to 3D printing.”

Other suggestions include low-cost medical devices, tools to help people out of poverty, designs that could help reduce racial conflict, something that could reduce wars over oil by channeling renewable energy sources, tools to reduce military conflict or objects that could improve sustainable economic development.

If something like this is of interest you, you’re in luck: entry is free, and open until September 1, with winners announced on September 4. All you have to do is post your design to Thingiverse with the tag “Peace Contest.”

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Prizes include 3D printers and printer materials. For more information, visit Michigan Tech’s 3D Printers for Peace contest page.

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