‘Angry Birds Star Wars’ set for Nov. 8 release

The Right Click

The timing couldn't be any better.

With the Disney purchase of Lucasfilm Ltd having reinvigorated the iconic sci-fi franchise, mobile gaming giant Rovio is set to bank on the hype with the release of 'Angry Birds Star Wars.'

The next iteration of the massively popular 'Angry Birds' franchise is set for release on November 8, and all indications point to yet another smash hit.

The critically acclaimed 'Angry Birds in Space' was regarded as a "meteoric success." Rovio's latest release, an 'Angry Birds' spinoff entitled 'Bad Piggies,' reached number 1 on iTunes just hours after its release.

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Couple this successful trend with the strength of the 'Star Wars' franchise and it's safe to assume Rovio has yet another hit in the works.

Watch the lightsaber-wielding Luke Skywalker bird and the laser-firing Princess Leia bird as they attack the Bad Piggies in the preview video below:

(Photo courtesy of BGR)

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